Welcome to Neo City!

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Welcome! You've stumbled into the right place! Neo City was founded on 11/23/2023 and is a fun place to meet others interested in coding, designing, creating, drawing and writing. We are a guild for webmasters from all over Neopia to express their creations and meet other likeminded Neopians. We don't have any criteria of what kind of content you make, only that you make it with html/css! Also, invites are open, please feel free to tell your friends and invite them!

Future Plans
ᐅ set up lending services for members
ᐅ pet zapping services (pomelo has 3 lab accounts lol)
ᐅ guild html/css premades
ᐅ 88x31 button! :o
ᐅ layout revamp


this guild is open to any webmasters or html/css enjoyers 18+

1. be nice and try to be helpful to fellow guildies if possible

2. this guild is for webmasters and coding enjoyers so please only join if you code things either on neopets or offsite

3. no drama amongst the guild members but you have grievances with neopets in general or frustration about anything, feel free to speak your mind! this is a place to be open and real not just toxic positivity

4. other than that it's chill. There will be no policing your typing style (1337 sp33k MuFf1Nz 0f D0oM allowed if you're really about that life) or any posting requirements, we understand real life and other things come first. we would love for you to be active but you won't be kicked out if youre not.

5. new members!! please read the rules.

6. obviously follow neopets global site rules.


1. Council Ranks Please apply if you'd like to be in the council. When the guild was first created, council spots were given to the first round of members, if you would like to be removed from the council, please either let pomelo know or leave a message on the guild board. it's never any hard feelings! Council spots are currently open so please neomail pomelo if you would like to apply!

2. Side Account Rank You are welcome to join the guild on your side accounts if you'd like. Just please let one of the council members know so we can add that account to side account rank!

3. Petpet Rank Everyone else! This guild doesn't have a huge emphasis on ranks. All petpets are open to apply for council!