about pom

pomelo is literally me lol. she is my sona. i made her for fun just because i didn't have any ocs but i've grown very attached to her. its just kinda a fun silly excuse to draw something when i don't know what to draw. unlike my other OCs who exist in the neopets universe, pomelo doesn't really have a backstory other than she hangs out with pastelhell's sona, feen!


name: Pomelo
nickname: Poom / Pom
height: 5'3 / 162 cm
weight: 140 lbs / 63kg
species: Panda
color palette: colors
likes: matcha tea, playing video games, music, sleeping, fashion, the beach, spicy food, collecting stickers
dislikes: cold weather, traffic, waking up early
style: cozy & comfortable. sporty athleisure, streetwear, colorful, lotta earrings & jewelry
tattoos: "as above so below" in oroboros on arm. eye on finger, MCMLXIV, cat head and saturn on arm, leaf and moon on thigh, "ok" above knee
feen is pom's bestie. they like to get boba tea and sushi together and just sit around doing stupid shit on the computer while hitting their vapes.

my art

(gift for Pastelhell)


(gift for Pastelhell)

pomelo as a hypothetical MMORPG class


(gift for Pastelhell also peep that bedazzled sidekick)

Paint Tool Sai


other people's art
from Amy

from Pastelhell (commissioned from slusheemawmaw)

from Flonne

from Snew

from Clover

from Ninacti0n

from Pastelhell (commissioned from Moggie)

from Pastelhell (commissioned from Torapuff)

from Pastelhell (commissioned from Torapuff)

from Pastelhell (commissioned from Glowsu)

from Pastelhell (base from Vampirevalentine)

from Pastelhell

from Lapin

from Pastelhell (commissioned from Nonkiru)

from Pastelhell(featuring feen and iris)

from Matfloor

from Strawberryreverie