09.11.23 / 09:55pm
buying a domain vs renewing a domain U_U

09.09.23 / 04:21am

08.28.23 / 04:17pm
I'm about to start Endwalker!!! Uhh level check?


05.18.23 / 10:49pm
here are my doodles on cinni's oekaki

04.20.23 / 10:18pm
i just got my fist set of jelly gouache!!! i love them so much! here is a lil jester girl speed test painting

03.26.23 / 01:24am
looking at old scanners on ebay to scan my drawings to give them that proper 2004 deviantart traditional art look

03.10.23 / 08:34am
i'm back on my bullshit

03.09.23 / 03:27am
ok the best video game soundtracks are the pre caves and cliffs update c418 minecraft, old school runescape, bomberman, the ps1 spyros and katamari

03.08.23 / 08:11pm
lmfao im sorry but bedroom pop is the most boring genre of music ive ever heard

01.09.23 / 02:48pm
breaking my neocities hiatus to tell yall that we all know the le quirky s0o0 relAtABLE xD dipped my paintbrush in my CoFfEe meme xddd but while trying to prime my canvases i unironcally put lotion on them cus i keep both on my desk and grabbed the wrong one >_<

10.22.22 / 02:07am
i'm excited for ai generated art, i know all the arguments why people think its bad but there is a very specific types of 2000s art that cannot be replicated anymore no matter how much zoomers wanna call their art y2k it just aint it. the sutaraito style, oekaki, glamfur, og sparkledogs, 2000s anime deviantart style, scanned trad art and digital art made in deprecated programs like opencanvas made with a mouse or old tablets with no pressure gives it a very specific nuanced look im very nostalgic for. it would be fun to train ai on these styles to breath some life into them. no selling them, claiming them or anything. i just want to see new art in old styles nobody is able to make anymore. i have massive folders of old art and i have the GPU for training ai. I'm gonna mess with Stable Diffusion and see what it comes up with.

10.14.22 / 06:42am
i'm kinda taking a mini hiatus from neocities. focusing on a lot of stuff right now but i will be back soon. life is busy n overwhelming sometimes.

10.11.22 / 08:39pm
what the fuck is kin, what the fuck is ship lmao grass is free and readily available to touch

10.10.22 / 11:58pm
this was the original bad bitch scent

10.07.22 / 08:12am
omg people who donate all of their fishing junk like old boots and driftwood to the money tree on neopets are so annoying.

10.06.22 / 12:16am
ive been doing oil painting again recently!!! im gonna post some paintings soon, its just kinda tedious waiting for it to kinda dry before layering. hehe im not great at oils, im still trying to get more comfortable with it

10.05.22 / 02:58pm
lowkey kinda excited for minecraft live!!!

10.04.22 / 07:36pm
I often think about starting a youtube channel... maybe minecraft of classic world of warcraft content. I just can't get myself to sit down and record a video lmao.

10.03.22 / 12:44am
Wearing a Juggalo tshirt ironically

09.29.22 / 10:38am
It's starting to get chilly and I don't want it to. I just want eternal summer ;_; being cold is so uncomfortable

09.27.22 / 01:22pm
I will be setting up an RSS feed soon.

09.26.22 / 12:16pm
i'm really considering getting a cat, like i think about it every day...

09.24.22 / 01:35pm
I gotta show u guys my new crocs. here is the other pair

09.24.22 / 12:32pm
I love being clean. fresh out the shower. like hair washed, body moisturiezed, skincare routine done, clean clothes out of the dryer on... still warm. the best feeling.

09.23.22 / 01:38pm
I hit 70 on ANOTHER druid mwahaha

09.23.22 / 01:38pm
read the SCUM manifesto

09.23.22 / 12:22pm
conservatives are beyond cringe and i especially feel bad for any women who fall into those ideologies. they hate women, but its really funny to watch the left become the party of censorship based their new religion of perceived moral righteousness, the party of big pharma and the party of warmongering. horseshoe theory is real.

09.22.22 / 10:57pm
Here is an interesting diagram of Livejournal icon trends

09.22.22 / 03:14pm
the freedom of expression on the "oldweb" is too powerful for zoomers and people too used to platforms that control speech. like if you dont like someones opinion LMFAOO BRO CLOSE THE TAB LMAO

09.22.22 / 12:27pm
okay lets go?

09.22.22 / 10:43pm
men make fun of women for being into astrology and then be like trust me bro, this new memecoin is gonna take off and im gonna be rich

09.20.22 / 11:55pm
umm what if we made a neocities minecraft server???

09.20.22 / 04:57pm
cherry tomatoes are such a good snack. especially when cold from the fridge n dipped in a lil bit of salt.

09.20.22 / 12:03pm
the current state of photobucket makes me so sad. that was the pinterest and tumblr before pinterest and tumblr. no joke probably billions of drawings, graphics, icons, pixels on it. it really was the place to get all that stuff back in the day. i fear it will shut down any day now because u cant even search anything on it anymore and everyones accounts are being held hostage until you pay for more hosting. i've backed up both of my accounts and will be posting an extensive collection of livejournal 100x100 icons soon for posterity because once this ship sinks, its over us nostalgia enjoyers

09.17.22 / 08:07am
gonna start working on neopet adoptables again soon! 🤩

09.14.22 / 09:10am
i really need to go grocery shopping but i dont feel like it >_<

09.14.22 / 07:55am
ok based?

09.13.22 / 05:13pm
he concept of venmo is insane to me. normies really have no sense of privacy and its very strange and hilarious to announce to the world who you're paying and for what. then again they out here putting their full ass name, dob, location and everything identifiable on facebook???

09.12.22 / 10:07pm
i been playing so much classic wow. heh