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hi my name is pomelo and i like to make pixels sometimes. i use pixaki on my ipad + apple pencil or with paint tool sai + tablet. i hope to add more soon!


09/13/23 1 neopets pixel added

09/13/23 2 neopets pixels + 1 dollz added

09/11/23 2 character pixels + 1 dollz added

09/10/23 2 character + 2 neopets pixels added

09/09/23 omg one year later... new layout and one pixel added

09/27/22 site created & 2 pixels added!

!!!!!! if you have any requests for any pixels i should make, please reach out to me at coconutslushie@protonmail.com! it might just come true!!!!!!


moogle - final fantasy
garnet - jewelpet
chao - sonic
creeper - minecraft
keroppi - sanrio
cinnamoroll - sanrio
awawa - kamio japan


disco slushie
Grapity Slushie
Faerie Aisha Morphing Potion
Illusens Cream Cookie
Yellow Star Notebook


fancy boots - runescape


yuna - final fantasy X-2 "unique" dollz
paine - final fantasy X-2 "unique" dollz