dollz pixels

these are my dollz pixels. hover over them to see the doll type and click on the ones in the base section to be taken to the base source site!! ALSO!!! feel free to use my bases wherever and edit them however you want. credit is nice but i wont cry if you chose not to. <3 and open them in a new tab to see full size!

my bases

bases are being revamped

no base

goki-chan for flonne
my night elf priest - world of warcraft classic
me n my neopet
me ^_^
rikku - final fantasy X-2
tauren shaman- world of warcraft classic


hotcity dollz base
rikku - final fantasy X-2 "unique" dollz
yuna - final fantasy X-2 "unique" dollz
paine - final fantasy X-2 "unique" dollz
feen - vampirevalentine base
2dollz4dollz base