neopets pixels

these pixels are neopets items and npcs. If you wanna see some pets, head over here to see my adoptables. (these are old and I don't like them anymore lol. i will redo them someday) hover over them to see what they are!


Coconut Cocktail
Kadoatie Puffs
Colourful Charms - Set 1
Colourful Charms - Set 2
Rainbow Gelert Lollypop
Deluxe Lupe Cake
Candy Cane Powder Puff
Valentine Jewellery Box
Baby Aisha New Years Cracker
Jhudora the Dark Faerie Doll
disco slushie
Grapity Slushie
Illusens Cream Cookie
Romantic Notebook
Yellow Star Notebook
happy negg


Old Fire Lupe
Old Blue Kougra
Old Pink Shoyru


Faerie Slorg Stamp
Biyako Stamp
Neopia Central Scene Stamp
haiku stamp
Queen Fyora Stamp
Fountain Faerie Stamp
Chomby Stamp
Candychan Stamp
Moonlit Werelupe Stamp
Island Acara Stamp
Wand Of The Dark Faerie Stamp
Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp


Hello, little Lupe... BOOOM!
super attack pea
neomail addict
kacheek swim
earth Faerie Default
light Faerie Default
fire Faerie Default
Dark Faerie Default
air Faerie Default
Water Faerie Default
Bori Default
Acara Default
Scorchio Default
Peophin Default


blue paintbrush
red paintbrush
yellow paintbrush
green paintbrush
orange paintbrush
pink paintbrush
purple paintbrush
brown paintbrush
shadow paintbrush
skunk paintbrush
white paintbrush
glowing paintbrush
starry paintbrush
split paintbrush
disco paintbrush
rainbow paintbrush
checkered paintbrush
buiscut paintbrush
christmas paintbrush
cloud paintbrush
fire paintbrush
plushie paintbrush
baby paintbrush
candy paintbrush