These are my WoW characters, I play on a Wrath of the Lich King private server and I also play WoW Classic! I don't play retail at all anymore so I will eventually display those characters but they are not my priority lol. Sadly right now Classic does not have an armory because it wasn't in the original iteration of World of Warcraft and hopefully if they add it in Burning Crusade I will add links! For now, I'll just post some screenshots of my Classic characters uwu


these are my Warmane characters! Prior to Classic I didn't really enjoy retail so I have been playing on private servers! Icecrown is a 7x XP rate server I raid on and Lordaeron is a blizzlike hardcore server I level on for the fun of it! Also, This is my guild I use as a giant bank. All of the characters in it are mine.

Warmane Icecrown Alliance:

Cassini - Level 80 Restoration/Balance Druid Armory
Kaeja - Level 80 Holy/Shadow Priest Armory
Vaya - Level 80 Restoration/Enhancement Shaman Armory
Estana - Level 80 Holy/Protection Paladin Armory
Rovella - Level 80 Arcane Mage Armory
Lychee - Level 80 Unholy Death Knight Armory
Jinadae - Level 80 Marksman Hunter Armory
Matcha - Level 80 Protection/Fury Warrior Armory
Eresi - Level 80 Assasination Rogue Armory
Vexica - Level 80 Affliction Warlock Armory
Kerisa - Level 70 Arms Warrior Armory
Teia - Level 63 Protection Paladin Armory
Kelari - Level 62 Enhancement Shaman Armory
Yeomi - Level 60 Holy Priest Armory

Warmane Lordaeron Alliance:

Kinoko - Level 68 Feral Druid Armory
Teyani - Level 63 Holy Priest Armory
Kandi - Level 61 Restoration Shaman Armory
Estana - Level 45 Holy Paladin Armory
Zia - Level 40 Affliction Warlock Armory
Rovella - Level 40 Frost Mage Armory
Miyavi - Level 36 Protection Warrior Armory
Yae - Level 31 Assasination Rogue Armory
Jahlee - Level 19 Marksman Hunter Armory

Warmane Lordaeron Horde:

Niana - Level 68 Feral Druid Armory
Cinna - Level 59 Enhancement Shaman Armory
Kaeja - Discipline Priest Armory
Eresi - Protection Paladin Armory
Ralia - Frost Mage Armory
Rexza - Beast Mastery Hunter Armory
Kiona - Subtlety Rogue Armory
Chai - Protection Warrior Armory
Vera - Demonology Warlock Armory
Rave - Frost Death Knight Armory

RETAIL CLASSIC - Wrath of the Lich King

Most of them were all started in Classic. I wish Blizzard would put a freaking armory for these characters so I can show you my cool old PVP titles and proffessions and mounts/pets. I have other characters too that I feel like I don't play much and aren't leveled up enough yet. I will add them when they get there.


These are my characters on the Faerlina Server.

(characters updated on 10/28/2023)


These are my characters on the Benediction Server.

(characters updated on 10/28/2023)

Level 19 twink

This is my 19 twink on the Pagle server, Private Servers. She has the best armor that can possibly equipped on a level 19 including enchantments. I just go in battgrounds and bully undergeared characters.

check out her gear!


I don't play retail and haven't seriously since Mists of Pandaria. Occasionally I do log in and dabble a bit. To be honest, I hate how it plays now, I hate how it looks lmao. ugly ass pixar fortnight graphics and the new armor and models look boring. I hate transmog. I hate the level squish, I hate the leveling, I hate how the classes feel to play, I hate that nothing feels special to get anymore. I hate everything about it lmao. Most of these characters are stuck in their pre-MoP state. I don't transmog the gear very much. A lot of 90/85/80/70 geared characters but you can't tell anymore because the level squish and ease of getting the items.

click their image to be taken to their armory page


Moon Guard

Argent Dawn


Wyrmrest Accord

Emerald Dream