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hello! thanks for visiting my graphics site! I feel like this genre of site died out and really hasn't come back on neocities. This genre of site seems to have disappeared after myspace, livejournal and the personal sites of web 2.0 sites died. I still enjoy making graphics and I'm here to share them with you! <3

all of the stuff on here is free to use as long as you link back! i'd love to see what you make too!

looking for more graphics resources??

salvaged.nu is my favorite! these resources are meticulously found through combing internet archives and restored and beautifully presented. I think if you're going for graphics using resources from the time, this is the place to get them!
deviantart do not sleep on trusty old deviantart! it is full to the brim with resources if you know where to look. use the search tag for "psd textures" "psd stamps" "blends resources" and related phrases. also, look at the groups the resources are uploaded to too and the uploaders favorites. note: you need to make a dA account to download the zip files
freepik this one is pretty new to me but ive found lots of good stamps and textures here, use the search!


pirate photoshop (for windows)
pirate photoshop (for mac)

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