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Mooshrooms are mushroom-covered variants of cows exclusive to the rare mushroom fields biome. Red mooshrooms can spawn in mushroom fields biomes in herds of 4–8 when the light level is 9 or higher and on mycelium. They do not naturally spawn in any other biome. A red mooshroom transforms into a brown mooshroom (and vice versa) when it is struck by lightning. Brown mooshrooms never spawn naturally.

Red mooshrooms have a 5% chance of spawning as babies.

A pair of mooshrooms can breed after being given wheat. A mooshroom cannot be bred with a cow unless the mooshroom has been sheared.

Feeding wheat to a calf shortens its growing time by 10% of the remaining time.

Baby mooshrooms do not have mushrooms on their backs. Mushrooms appear once the baby grows to an adult.

Breeding two red mooshrooms has a 1⁄1024 chance to spawn a brown baby variant and vice versa.

When breeding a red mooshroom and a brown mooshroom together, there is 1⁄2 chance of getting a red baby variant, and a 1⁄2 chance of getting a brown baby variant.