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07.07.24: slight layout edits

05.15.24: made a pixel tutorial!!!

05.14.24: pomelo 3.0 layout revamp

05.09.24: revamed home page!

03.25.24: revamed graphics page and added resources

02.28.24: added 2 oc pages

02.22.24: revamped pixel site

02.11.24: added a page for my cat

02.07.24: rearranged some stuff and added this widget

01.25.24: fixed layout stretching on firefox

12.28.23: added a page for 3d models

12.04.23: revamped final fantasy xiv page

11.28.23: moved 88x31s links out to the cool links page and made buttons for my other sites

11.27.23: complete revamp of my pixel site!!

11.16.23: added a page for neopets dailies

11.04.23: added more to my world of warcraft page

10.28.23: revamped about page

09.10.23: revamped my pixel site

09.09.23: POMELO 2.0 LAUNCHED!!!! whole site layout revamp

08.15.23: new digital drawing

08.08.23: new digital drawing

06.27.23: fixed broken side link to my old school runescape character and alt

05.20.23: 3 new digital arts

05.01.23: new site alert!! I made a site based on the real world mythology, religion and folklore referenced in the Final Fantasy games.

04.19.23: categorized and reorganized the other links section. added page for my (ironic) fursona

04.13.23: new journal entry

03.28.23: 2 digital drawings. fixed broken custom fonts and moved old pre 2020 art to art archive page

02.08.23: one traditional drawing

02.06.23: one traditional drawing & journal update

11.27.2022: journal update

10.07.2022: 3 traditional drawings added

09.30.2022: 2 digital drawings added

09.27.2022: brand new pixel site added! + one digital drawing

09.22.2022: added my collection of 100x100 livejournal icons

09.18.2022: registered the domain & one new trad drawing

08.23.2022: adeed a page for my sketchbooks, rearranged layout + 1 new digital art

08.15.2022: 1 new digital art

08.13.2022: added a music player!!!! and 2 new digital drawings

08.07.2022: 3 new trad drawings

08.01.2022: tweaked homepage and about page a bit

07.14.2022: 3 new digital drawinz

07.12.2022: updated WoW characters page

07.08.2022: i'm making premade layouts! & added links to it and the neopets adoptables on the main page

07.07.2022: 3 new digital arts

06.23.2022: 13 new traditional drawings!!!

06.20.2022: Neopets adoptables site added here

10.06.2021: added a new site button and moved links out to the right side

09.03.2021: 3 new digital drawings

08.24.2021: 8 new traditional drawings

08.23.2021: new section for digital art. changed the homepage sidebar a bit

04.22.2021: added 5 drawings!

03.30.2021: added 6 MORE new drawings! they are not new new, they just were never posted here hehe

03.13.2021: added 7 new drawings

03.11.2021: added more pixels to da toybox! >:)

03.10.2021: started woriking on my minecraft shrine

03.05.2021: made fanlistings it's own page & added a stamps page

02.03.2021: added some photos to the "pictures" tab & made a new site button!!!

02.02.2021: added my world of warcraft private server characters with links to their armory pages! they pop out in neat lil iframes

09.29.2020: added a new drawing & journal update

09.24.2020: added a new drawing

09.06.2020: added 3 new drawings

09.05.2020 Started working on my Night Elf Shrine, home page is done, still need to work on the other pages :3

09.02.2020 Made my FF X-2 Shrine

05.08.2020: Added tons of links to the links page

04.30.2020: added some new art!

12.16.2019: added a cbox instead of guestbook + added pixels to the toybox!

12.06.2019: tweaked the layout a lil bit started working on my shrines a little bit!

11.28.2019: added a toybox, added to my about (still under co) + added some older art! i still have more art to add lol

11.18.2019: omg so busy recently w work n life! gonna be doing big updates soon!

04.16.2019: added about me page! also started working on art pages! more coming soon!!

added some stuff and edited the og layout! looks a bit better



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wanna be affies??
email me or send me a message in the cbox. must have 32x32 button, no 88x31s. pixel sites encouraged to apply! theres nothing i miss more than the walls of tiny buttons ;_;