This is my Runescape blog! Just silly little updates on what I've been doing. Mostly just updates on skilling, complaints, achievements and other stuff. I will try to keep it updated as I play.


I've been trying to level Herblore. I've been buying Ranarr Weed and Snape Grass and making Prayer Potions. The potions have been selling for a lot on the Grand Exchange and have been my main moneymaker right now. I recently finished the Dig Site quests to unlock Fossil Island. When I first started training hunter I found it to be kind of clunky and frustrating. I was near Feldip Hills hunting the Red Chinchompas and I kinda stopped after I got to like level 15. After unlocking Fossil Island, I love doing the birdhouse runs! I've been getting so much Hunter XP so fast! The birdnests sell for a lot on the Grand Exchange too. I'm sure they're used for something but I don't really care right now, I want the gp. I've been hoarding any Clue Scrolls I find in my bank. I just completed a few today, nothing really great in the reward chests but hopefully it will get better lol. The crocodile Slayer task is probably the most annoying one I've gotten so far. I bring so many water skins to Al Kharid but there is so many crocs I keep having to refill them. My Runecrafting levels are really lacking. Same with mining. I'm gonna start working on those today.