This is my Runescape blog! Just silly little updates on what I've been doing. Mostly just updates on skilling, complaints, achievements and other stuff. I will try to keep it updated as I play.


I resubscribed to OSRS again after taking a break to play Final Fantasy XIV (the eternal MMORPG hamster wheel heh). My attack is 59 now and I've been grinding Slayer to try to get to 60 to get the Dragon Scimitar. I need to finish Monkey Madness in order to equip it I think??? Even though the Scimitar is cheaper on the Grand Exchange than it is from the vendor lol. I feel like I'm starting to creep into the midgame in a lot of ways, I almost have enough total combat level to go grind out the Dragon Defender which is also a goal. I really really want the Fighter Torso but after watching some videos about Barbarian Assault, it looks kinda intimidating. I dabbled in the new League for a second, it looks cool and I wish I wasn't coming into it so late. The fast XP and the the fact that you can level Agility with permanent run is insane lmfao. I wish it lasted longer. I've been distracted with going hard in the pixel art and super busy IRL. Ahh well, I got enough points for the teleport animation. Jagex put out a massive survey that had some interesting questions, like Old School Runescape having player ran servers like Minecraft or Rust. It would be kinda cool, some of the questions asked about letting players create new skills and areas on their server, I guess like mods? I would play them but I still am kinda iffy tbh because I don't want the vanilla servers to die. This game has so much charm its unreal and letting players take over might make Jagex not update as much or have as high quality in their updates? Maybe I'm just traumatized by modern Mojang lmfaooo. I'm excited for the future of OSRS so many of the planned updates look exciting. Sailing and Varlamore, a whole new continent to explore. I can't wait.


I've been trying to level Herblore. I've been buying Ranarr Weed and Snape Grass and making Prayer Potions. The potions have been selling for a lot on the Grand Exchange and have been my main moneymaker right now. I recently finished the Dig Site quests to unlock Fossil Island. When I first started training hunter I found it to be kind of clunky and frustrating. I was near Feldip Hills hunting the Red Chinchompas and I kinda stopped after I got to like level 15. After unlocking Fossil Island, I love doing the birdhouse runs! I've been getting so much Hunter XP so fast! The birdnests sell for a lot on the Grand Exchange too. I'm sure they're used for something but I don't really care right now, I want the gp. I've been hoarding any Clue Scrolls I find in my bank. I just completed a few today, nothing really great in the reward chests but hopefully it will get better lol. The crocodile Slayer task is probably the most annoying one I've gotten so far. I bring so many water skins to Al Kharid but there is so many crocs I keep having to refill them. My Runecrafting levels are really lacking. Same with mining. I'm gonna start working on those today.