Pom's Runescape Log

This is my site dedicated to the absolute masterpiece that is Old School Runescape. I hope to record my progress, create skilling and eventually bossing guides. I hope you enjoy my adventures in Gilenor and find something interesting or useful on this site!

Humble Beginnings

I first discovered Runescape back in the day of CRT monitors and dial up. It was probably 2004 or 2005. It was summer break and my childhood friend showed me this game called Runescape. We sat in her living room - her in the office chair, me in a dining room chair right next to each other. We made a character - pink skirt and blonde pigtails and finished tutorial island. Finally entering the world, we wandered around Lumbridge and trolled players. We were scamming players for money by promising to be their GF and then convincing them to trade us gold then put them on the ignore list. We did this for a couple of days until we got bored and realized we were too stupid to figure out how the game really works. We put the game down not giving it too much attention for a few decades.


I quickly discovered World of Warcraft soon after that and absolutely fell in love with MMORPGs. I spent the entirety of the rest of my childhood, teenage and adult years playing that game on and off until Mists of Pandaria I fell off and started playing private servers for older expansions since I didn't like the direction the game was currently going in. After spending 2015-2021 playing private servers and later dabbling in retail Classic WoW I became burnt out of the WoW treadmill, I had done everything there is to do in that game. Leveled every class, every spec, cleared Heroic raids, did achievements. It felt "done". The MMO itch never went away and lo and behold Runescape was just waiting for me.


It was 2021. I'm sitting on the couch and a Runescape video popped up on the Youtube recommendations. I watched the video and I was enthralled by the potential of this game. I love low poly graphics, I love fantasy settings, I love stupid number grinding. I was living with my ex at the time and I suggested that we start playing and so we did. We grinded at rats in the Lumbridge swamp, completed quests and ran to the end of the Stronghold of Security to get the Fancy Boots. The character I was playing at the time was Beanchan. Soon after that, we ended up breaking up. I restarted with a new character to progress on my own. This character, Appleslushie is my current character I hope to get all 99s. I will get there eventually! That's kinda the reason I wanted to make this site, was to share that adventure with you all!