P O M E L O ~ !

Hi! My name is Pom. I really like to make art, play video games, neopets, surf the net and skateboard. ^_^ I made this site kinda for nostalgia when the internet was a simpler time. it all started with Neopets, myspace, LJ, xanga then freewebs where I ran a pixel site named applebomb.co.nr! i do mostly traditional art but im trying to do more digital and pixel art now that i have a tablet! pls take a look around, make urself comfy but please take ur shoes off before u come in. big love plur and hearts to u.

I am still working on this site and I plan on adding a lot of content so plz bear with me!!!!


right now i'm feeling:
The current mood of pom at www.imood.com

to do:

add page for my minecraft world
make a girl gamers webring
make a page dedicated to my cat
make art tutorials page
add 3d art/craft section
make a page for previous layouts
site revamp
add page for my old school runescape characterit's a whole site haha!


Neocities profile

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