As the frigid winds whipped across the slopes of Terror Mountain, a figure catches your eye. With a shimmering trail of sparkling snow behind her, a Faerie Kougra gracefully maneuvered down the steep incline on a vibrant snowboard, her wings fluttering delicately. You stare in bewilderment as she soared over bumps and ramps with unmatched finesse. The sight was surreal, as if a scene from a dream had materialized before your very eyes. Mesmerized by the ethereal spectacle, you couldn't help but marvel at the seamless blend of magic and talent displayed by her as she effortlessly carves through the imposing slope of Terror Mountain. She makes her way to the base of the mountain and before she goes to strap her board off her shoes, she catches you staring. She nods and grins. Her canines as white as the snow. She bends over to grab her board and turns her goggles over her eyes. She turns around and makes her way to the Slushie Shop. As she fades from your view, blending into the crowd of Happy Valley. You stand and wonder "Who is she?"


Name: Kaniera
Nickname: Kani
Age: 26
Height: 5'2/157cm
Weight: 120lbs/54kg
Species: Kougra
Color: Faerie
Color Palette:
Style: wintery, cozy, sporty


stupid pop music
taking photos
when people are late
getting lost


backpack / ipod / slushie


Astra: is Kani's friend from when they both visited Faerieland to use the Rainbow Fountain. Both with the plan of becoming Faerie neopets, they were there to chose their color. Dipping services were backed up and while waiting in line, they struck up a conversation. Learning they had a lot in common. Astra loves surfing on Mystery Island and Kani loves snowboarding on Terror Mountain. They visit each other often to enjoy both sports together. [ lookup | petpage ]


Marshmallow is Kani's petpet. On the surface he may look like your average plushie Kadoatie but there's a bit more to the story than that. Mallow started off as a normal Kad like any other. He was very curious and liked to hide in places he shouldn't be in or touch things he shouldn't touch. One day Kani made a beautiful Tigersquash Jelly, when she took it out of her refrigerator to set it on the counter, the moment she looked away Mallow had flipped the whole plate over onto himself. She tried to clean him up but his fur remained sticky and full of Tigersquash seeds. She then took him to a groomer to make his fur clean, soft and shiny. She was expecting to pick him up after the service when to her horror the groomer was actually a dark Faerie. She had turned Mallow into a plushie for misbehaving. Mallow now assumes a lifeless inanimate form forever doomed to plushiedom whenever others are around but around Kani he is as vibrant and mischievous as ever.

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