P O M E L O ~ !

Hi! My name is ena. I really like to make art, play video games, neopets, surf the net and skateboard. ^_^ I made this site kinda for nostalgia when the internet was a simpler time. it all started with Neopets, myspace, LJ, xanga then freewebs where I ran a pixel site named applebomb.co.nr! i do mostly traditional art but im trying to do more digital and pixel art now that i have a tablet! pls take a look around, make urself comfy but please take ur shoes off before u come in. big love plur and hearts to u.

I am still working on this site and I plan on adding a lot of content so plz bear wit me!!!!
4 the time being u can check out some of my art on instagram!!

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right now i'm feeling:
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every day is summer 2007

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add digital art and put digital and trad art in seperate pages
redo music player in JQuery so it's not broken on firefox -_-
add ALL mutuals buttons
finish ALL pages on my shrines
make art tutorial page
link fanlisting buttons to actaul fanlisting page
add section about my modded Minecraft Java world and my Vanilla Minecraft Bedrock world
add section about my Animal Crossing: New Horizons world
add section about my Sims 4 characters/story/world

Some art depicting nudity