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Hello! my name is pomelo. I love coding layouts n stuff so I figured I would make some premades for you guys to use. Feel free to use them anywhere. You may also use these as a base and change anything you like. I will also create some neat html/css tutorials in the future!

Disclaimer: you can use these on neocities, neopets or literally anywhere, i don't mind. I would prefer if you left credit somwhere on your page but I promise I won't cry if you decide not to. Feel free to edit or change anything you want.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

These layouts are compatable with Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Tor, Edge and Safari

All layouts were made using Notepad++, a great (and I mean G R E A T) free and open source IDE that makes coding super intutive and EZ ^_^ i big recommend if you wish to alter these in any way or just to use to code things for neocities in general.

Some other great resources are: w3schools and CSS Portal.